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de face

Finally, seeing some of your comments, I have decided not to close completely the blog. It will still be online, and I may publish some pictures from time to time.

Thank you all for your nice comments, and happy new year!


I have been running this blog for 5 years.  For one year, I feel a little tired about that and I’ve been publishing less regularely, and the audience is slowly declining. The change of Nibblebit to 2.0 - which is certainly a good thing - made me realize that I don’t want to continue spending energy on this blog. It has been a very good and exciting experience, but I think it’s time now to make room for newer blogs, and time for me to concentrate on other things, especially on my other (non-porn) blog.

The blog will remain on line til the end of the year, and then I will close it.

Thanks to you all, and good bye.

I see many kinds comments, and thank their authors. To answer someone who proposed to continue the blog, I think it reflects my personnality and I couldn’t see it run by someone else (except if a close friend, but there was no volunteer)

To finish on a positive tone, Mes Boys has, in 5 years, according to Histats, been visited 15.7 million times, and the number of page views is over 70 million. It’s quite satisfactory, isn’t it?

hot friends - 68

tomber la chemise - 132

de profil - 57

à plusieurs - 16